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Hi! My name is Pete Janson, and I am a longevity expert and the owner of Life to the Full Fitness. I have been working with clients ages 65 and above for over 15 years now, helping them to remain Strong, Capable & Independent in their 70's, 80's & 90's.

I've done most of that work on Cape Cod, MA through the business that I own there, A Better You Fitness & Wellness. During my time in the industry, I have helped hundreds of clients just like you improve their lifestyles, regain independence, and live life with more fullness & joy!

If you would be interested in a conversation about how I might be able to help you achieve these same things, please feel free to fill out the form above, so that I can give you a call the next time I am in my office!

My Story

When I first started in the fitness industry, back in 2008, I was working out of a privately owned commercial gym in Chatham, MA. Most of my clients were in their 40's and 50's (as is the norm for personal trainers.) At the time, demographically, the population of Chatham was the 2nd oldest town in the 2nd oldest county in the country. The longer I worked there, the more I noticed that the fitness industry was not doing a great job with folks in their 70's and 80's. We were basically taking all of the things we did with our younger clients and making them lighter, slower, or in some other way, easier for them. 

The more I worked with these folks, the more I realized that I did not have the right training to help them. They needed help with things like:

  • Shoulder mobility

  • Minor aches and pains

  • Balance

  • Fall prevention

  • The ability to get out of a chair easily

  • Improving their gait 

This list could go on and on, but you get the point.​

It was at this time, that I realized that I needed a full system for both evaluating the issues they were struggling with and best programming their exercise regimen. For the last several years, I have been continually re-working this system to it's current state which is my SCI Training System.

The SCI system tests and trains for 26 different physical and cognitive attributes as they relate to maintaining physical and cognitive function with a goal towards lifelong independence. (For more on this system, see my blog by clicking here.) We test every client quarterly across all 26 attributes to make sure their program is helping them to meet their goals. This also gives the opportunity to become aware of potential issues before they become problematic and adjust programming or refer out to a specialist as necessary.

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To bring fullness & joy to the lives of our over 65 clients through better movement & physical resilience

Core Values:

We recognize our clients as physical, social and spiritual beings.

We acknowledge that the interplay of these parts will impact and sometimes dictate the training process.

We acknowledge that while contracts are essential to the health of our business, our clients can have significant changes in their financial status and/or lifestyles that come up overnight. We therefor hold these contracts loosely and with our clients’ best interest at heart.

We acknowledge that in care-based industries, burn-out rates among employees are high. We therefor endeavour to provide our employees with the variety of work and clients to best enable them to maintain their own sense of well-being while providing our clients with the highest level of care in our industry.

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